Sam and the Nautical Pagens play at Chalice Well Gardens

(from left to right) Mark and Charlotte Mabon, Orla, Lioba Fezer, Sam Bloomfield and Will Gethin created a band and played live for Chalice Well at their summer party. We played a variety of spiritual music from celtic, aboriginal and indian traditions. We also sang our own prepared and improvised material and poetry written and performed by Sam with gorgeous accompaniment from Mark on the guitar. The audience sang along and the rain stayed off, mostly!

Metamorphic Technique workshop Stroud

Metamorphic Technique workshop Somerset

Metamorphic Technique somerset

Who is it for?
Perhaps you are feeling stuck, or something may be holding you back from being fulfilled in your personal life, relationships or work. Perhaps you feel you could be more creative, or less held by the past…or feel that a new direction is needed, or even an un-trodden path may be beaconing.

Hawkwood College Metamorphic Technique weekend 22/23 March

poster for workshop

non-residential workshop local B and B available. Including delicious organic/locally sourced lunches. Lovely peaceful countryside venue.

Shamanic Dreamtime Taster

An 'amuse bouche' from the album "Shamanic Dreamtime no 1 that I recorded with Tabla Tom (on tabla and singing bowl) and Ashley Lugg (didgeridoo)

The Album is based on the poem I wrote 'Calling', and is in three movements:

Invocation: 16:19 minutes
Journey: 34:02 minutes
Fulfilment: 23:54 minutes

The idea is that you can use the album for meditation, sitting and dancing. Invocation is for sitting or moving slowly. Journey is for moving slowly to quickly. Fulfilment is for moving and then coming to rest and sitting.


Metamorphic Technique workshop Jersey

Sam gives rap star Prof Green a Didgeridoo Healing

professor green, didgeridoo healing

Hi folks, well it all happens in gloucestershire, if you want to see the programme follow this link to 4 OD It will be there for a month or so. The didgeridoo healing happens after the lama's, it's quite short but he enjoyed it and you get a good idea of what it's about. Blessings Sam

Honouring our Ancestors

how much, when, where, Herewoods wonderful painting..

We have found that by forming a healing intention and asking for the blessing of the land and ancestors, and joining with them in Ceremony an incredible energy can rise in the body. It is as if the cells are remembering their connection, their integration; that each cell is a living breathing aspect of the soul of the earth. There can be a deep sense of well-being, of healing, of relationship with what was and a forming of what will be, with clarity and humour, laughter and light. If we are willing to go down, life raises us up.

MT weekend workshop December 10th/11th 2011

Overall the workshop is relaxing and awakening. We mentally gently embrace what is, and through the participants applying MT, I notice that patterns that they came with can begin to transform on all levels of their being

Earthbody Poem

performance, movement, ceremony, video, photography, poetry

Welcome licking tongues of flame, welcome soft warmth, welcome raging heat, devouring senses, projections and selves. We are all burning, all dry wood in the furnace of the inner sun, kindling in your ever-moving hands of light. Welcome candle to burn in the darkness of my prayer, welcome burst of light to pull me upright, welcome spirit, enraged with love.


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